Demo html5 Video Player

Here is the location for the free download
Install Instructions
1. Player.php is the only file to be modified.
2. Image poster should be set properly in the code like this: Line no 32:
3. Video source should be set properly in the code like this:
Line no 33:4. Paste your current flash embed code between
// Flash embed code starts and // Flash Embed code ends
Player will play flash in the web browsers and HTML5 player for mobile phones.
Addenda / Disclaimers
The idea of this application is to allow you to playback videos on a website, or on iphone/device or to give developers a “starting point” for a more advanced video playback system.
Please note that we do not support the distribution of copyrighted video content, so you should not use this applet to distribute or display video content that is not yours, and we take no responsibility for abuse of this applet. we provide software, but we do not police the use of the software!
License/Support —————
You may use and change this application in your own software projects without restriction, but you must not re-distribute the app in a manner similar to how it is distributed on FLV or freehml5player. You must not re-sell or re-distribute the source code in any form. In other words, use it for your projects, but do not compete with us!
If you wish to use for commercial use, you can buy license at
Support for this product, is at however we are avaiable for hire to help with modifications. Any mods you wish to hire us to make, are subject to current workload and the nature of the changes
(c) Copyright Relax Relax Inc – Flv Hosting


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