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Flash Website Design – Feature Rich Integrated Development Environment

Adobe’s Flash Player is a software program designed for viewing images, movies or animations, etc. Flash application is now distributed and developed by Adobe but was created by Macromedia. Flash player’s files have.swf as their extension. Flash was at first developed for only animation purposes, but with advancements it is offered some amount of interactivity […]

Flex Application Development: Scalable and Secured Business Applications

Article by Olivia Tylor Flex is a advanced developer’s toolkit used for building Rich Internet based Applications (RIA’s) on Flash Platform that are visually interactive, creative and customized web applications. It is invented by Adobe Systems, having standardized model based upon XML, MXML and server-side scripts for developing highly significant web based applications. Flex has […]

HTML 5 Features and Uses

HTML5 is a next version of HTML.There is lot of new features not yet implemented in this HTML 5.There is bunch of new features that will make it easier for developers to provide accessible and inaccessible content. It is huge concept. HTML 5 has Semantic elements like etc It is already implemented in Opera 9.5+ […]

Ntg – Html5 Application Development

The HTML5 development is a continuing effort of many software developers and other industries related to technology in order to revise the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The HTML is the main language being utilized by the World Wide Web. The development of the HTML5 was spearheaded by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) […]

Hire Flash Animator to Add Scintillating Flash Effects to Your Website Banner

The banners are the medium of getting attraction and advertisement. Banners come in use to convey any message with proper highlight to get notice of the visitors. But it is same way true that some dynamic attitude always have an edge over the static look. Moreover we think twice to hire flash animator or the […]

The Features Of ActionScript 2.0 And ActionScript 3.0

The scripting language used for Flash is ActionScript which is based on ECMAScript from which JavaScript is also derived. One can find excessive use of Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0 in mobiles, desktops, smart phones, tablets, televisions, laptops and digital pads. The following are the major advantages of Flash. 1. Cross-browser compatibility Flash is browser […]

A Brief on HTML5 & HTML5 Mobile Development

Since its launch in 1990, Hypertext Markup Language or also known as HTML has been one of the most preferred, foremost and proven platform for the development of scalable websites, web designing and web application. Designers, developers as well as web designing and development companies around the world always considered HTML as the most essential […]

Tattoo Flash

                                                Tattooing is no longer a back street shop thing. The world has become very open to it. Most of the tattoo artists nowadays are professionally trained from elite universities. There are […]

And The Baby Is Born: Welcome HTML5

“No question, the world is going HTML5,” said Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer at Gartner Symposium. Google’s Eric Schmidt called it “the next step in browsers” while Apple’s Steve Jobs bluntly claimed that it “will win.” But what is this all about? HTML4 is the most successful and widely used markup format but most web developers find […]

Flex Actionscript 3- The Future of Rich & Interactive Applications!

Article by Andolasoft With the advent of Flash and Flex technology, the era of static websites no longer holds much value. Today, there is a high demand for rich Internet applications and this new beta version Flex Actionscript 3 offers a truly RIA environment. The latest Actionscript is the most recent advancement in flash animation […]

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