Supported Features in HTML5

You can refer to the PNG Image with Color Coding or use the tabular data option below. Note: The table includes some modifications in regards to Opera support for audio and video which are not represented in the PNG.

This information is provided as is, please know that HTML5 is a rapidly evolving specification and this refers only to these specific features in current versions of Web browsers (Chrome 1, Firefox 3, IE8, Opera 9.64, Safari 4.0) unless otherwise noted.

More information

For more support information, see the following resources

  Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
contentEditable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stylable Elements (new) Yes Yes No Yes Yes
getElementsByClassName Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Cross-Document Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Forms 2.0 Partial No No Yes Partial
Drag and Drop Yes Yes Yes No Yes
<audio> No 3.5 No No Yes
<video> 3.0 3.5 No Labs release, partial Yes
<canvas> Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Server-sent DOM Events No No No Partial No
Client-side Storage (name/value) 2.x Yes Yes No Yes
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