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Adobe Flex is a cross-platform, based on Macromedia flash software, comprehensive, development framework, an application development tool and solution for developing and delivering Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) within an enterprise and across the web to improve interactivity of the web. Applications created using flex are highly expressive, of high-performance and are compatible with all operating system and web browsers. Flex programmers, flex developers can download the free Flex SDK available online to work with Flex applications.

Programmers and developers are innovating new things to impart interactivity to the internet based applications similar to the desktop applications. Usability of desktop applications sets it as the first choice for consumers. For consumer centric, business-centric internet applications business models are still not so flexible to provide the same degree of usability to the users as desktop application. Poor client-server interactivity has resulted in poor transaction and loss of leads and traffics in between because of poor connectivity and transaction. Web deployable paradigm has shortened the SDLC but emerging online communities are looking for better usability of desktop application and responsiveness of client-server applications.

Flex architecture includes following components:

Adobe Flex Builder – Flex applications can be created using flex builder. It is an integrated development environment for RIAs that combines richness, interactivity, usability of desktop applications with the cross-platform reach of adobe engagement platform. Client side logic can be easily built using flex that can be easily integrated with LiveCycle solutions, XML, web services. Rich interface can be created using design tools.

Adobe Flex Charting – Rich library of interactive charts and graphs render data dashboards and interactive data analysis. Flex unique model and components makes possible to add interactivity like rollover and drill-down. Added functionalities can also be provided using base class and customize the chart types.

Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES – This provides a complete set of data enabling features in Flex or Ajax based RIAs for better user experience. A powerful data services architecture and programming model enable RIAs to synchronize data between client and server to produce optimal customer engagement experiences with less code, less risk, and faster time to market. LiveCycle Data Services ES also opens up powerful new services to rich applications including document and form server processing, workflow, and more

Adobe Flex SDK – The Flex cross-platform framework components are used for delivering RIAs for Adobe Flash. Flex SDK includes Flex class library, MXML and action script compiler. Flex SDK lets developers to build applications with robust client-side logic, rich presentation, customization, that can run across desktop applications. We provide scalable and reliable solution using elegant programming model, coding tools and extensible visual component library. Flex-based solutions can be easily modified and upgraded or re-designed as and when necessary. Flex can be easily integrated into a server application because of high performance data synchronization engine between server and client.

Flex Framework includes -action script is used by developers to run client side scripts that control the application’s behavior at client end; MXML is used to manage interface application’s objects; and Class Library are service components, Flex allows developers to use in-built components as well as custom components.

IT professionals have started looking forward towards the technical challenges of web applications and RIA is the only solution available at this point of time. Web applications implement Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that combines interactivity of desktop application with the reach and distribution of web based applications. RIA has provided us with many benefits; user interaction is improved and made easier, user can find information easily, quickly, accurately to make better decision and improve ROI. Before moving towards RIA implementation flex developers’ requirement is taken into account and infrastructure is looked into for simple applications to critical applications.

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