HTML 5 Features and Uses

HTML5 is a next version of HTML.There is lot of new features not yet implemented in this HTML 5.There is bunch of new features that will make it easier for developers to provide accessible and inaccessible content.

It is huge concept. HTML 5 has Semantic elements like etc

It is already implemented in Opera 9.5+

HTML 5 has New Structure and Semantics. New multimedia options like Native video support in browsers.

It will reduce dependence upon Flash completely.

HTML5 is best suitable for search engines, screen readers, information architects.

By using the advanced features of HTML5 user can expect fast, full-featured advanced web applications.

HTML5 API also includes

• Offline storage

• Geo-Location

• Drag & Drop

• Canvas

HTML 5 has Web Forms 2.0:

• Form Controls

• Repetition Model

• Client Side Validation

• DOM APIs for Forms

HTML 5 has the following

• New Structures

• New Semantics

• New Controls

• Client-Side Form Validation



Video Implementations is already done by some of the top sites like

• Opera (Experimental, Ogg Theora)

• Safari 3.1 (All QuickTime formats)

• Firefox 3.1 alpha 2 (Ogg Theora)

Canvas: There is special tag called Canvas in HTML 5 which can dynamically draw graphics and text around the browser and it has Graphics-oriented DOM APIs.

Canvas Implementations is already done in Opera, Firefox, and Safari.

HTML 5 Futures:

• It can assemble pages into large perceivable regions

• User can navigate of pages in a few keystrokes

• Supported by AT (JAWS, NVDA, ORCA)

• Compatible with HTML 4, 5 & XHTML

Some of the Special HTML5 Form controls

• Slider

• Combobox

• Date picker

• Spin box HTML 5 Audio & Video

• It has tags like

• Native accessible controls

• Captioning and annotations

• It has special tag called HTML5 Canvas element



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