Flex Application Development: Scalable and Secured Business Applications

Article by Olivia Tylor

Flex is a advanced developer’s toolkit used for building Rich Internet based Applications (RIA’s) on Flash Platform that are visually interactive, creative and customized web applications. It is invented by Adobe Systems, having standardized model based upon XML, MXML and server-side scripts for developing highly significant web based applications.

Flex has a standardized web based language that supports common design patterns. It uses certain technologies used for development of Flex based Applications like Action Script 2, Action Script 3, PHP, XML, Java, ASP.NET with Flash and Flex.

Flex is used as a framework for building interactive and immersive web applications developed by web application developers. Through Flex, SWF files are created which are then turned into by Flash Player so as those applications can run on web browsers. Web Interaction can be achieved through Action Script that is build, which is the main language of Flash Player. Flex Application Development can be carried out with the help of adobe flex builder or by using freely available flex compiler from adobe.

Professional web programmers develop interactive applications which include Flex SDK 3, Flex SDK 4 with Adobe Flash Player. It can be integrated with customized shopping cart software to offer dynamic and innovative apps solutions.

It can be termed as a very much productive and used to make intuitive and expressive applications. It consists of rich application development tool for developing user-friendly web based business applications, as per the user demands.

Web developers are quite proficient in making customizable rich internet applications on Flex and make it a fully loaded with different features. These applications are highly interactive can be easily made using Flex tool as it comes with an array of tools and standardized web based language. Consistency provides end users their most favorable web experience and so it is now largely used to make scalable and secured web applications.

The following kind of web based applications can be built:

Website Development

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