ActionScript Components for Flash Website Development

Article by Manish Shrivastava

Website development is a highly lucrative area today, thanks to an infallible succession of developments in the software industry. What makes website development such a sought after profession is the kind of innovation that you can etch out through various revolutionary tools and programs that are available today. Since web design is a vital component of website development, great stress is laid on the construction of feature rich and attractive designs to pull in more visitors. With flash proving itself as a major contributor to the creation of high-end graphical based websites, flash web site development has become the order of the day. The reason is quite clear. Flash spices up a website with interactive and attractive graphics and applications that are a great crowd puller in modern times.

In flash website development, creating ActionScript components for flex by using XML as a data source for reusability in flex applications is a common practice. If you wish to design a flash website you need to know that creating ActionScript components is a much necessary part of the process. In this process, a programmer first defines the XML structure during the creation of XML driven components. For those who are creating simple components that control the behaviour of an already prevalent flex component, creating an MXML component is usually advised. In the creation of ActionScript all flex components are implemented in a class hierarchy. The first step would be the creation of an ActionScript class that would comprise both the visual elements and the component logic.

Many people are turning to flash websites because of the innovative streak thats a part of the process. Now if you have decided to design a website in flash you must understand that flash is a highly versatile program that opens up a bevy of facilities for you. Application building is the most proactive part of a flash website project as the program lets flash designers create applications that spruce up the glitz of a website.

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