Flash or HTML5, How to choose for website developers?

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Now days, It is very difficult to choose Flash or HTML5 for website developers, iPhone does not support Flash, and Adobe has renounced Flash on the mobile platform in favor of HTML5. But is it really perfect of HTML5?There are a lot of problems about HTML5:

HTML5 standard is still the drafting stage, All browsers are not fully comply with the HTML5 standard, especially in the HTML5 video.Chrome is the best one support all HTML5 Video formats, but google has announced not to support the HTML5 Mp4 format.All mobile platforms support to HTML5 MP4 Video, but there are some difference of these mobile platform.

But we should know the recent Internet statistics show that: advertising data research institutions Chitika’s latest report revealed that mobile Web traffic has jumped 35 percent since July last year, accounted for 10.55% of the entire web traffic. The data show that we are sustained and fast forward to the era of smart phones and tablet PC. But we should also see, to say the full access to the after-PC era is still too early, because the web traffic from the PC still controls 89.45 percent of the entire web traffic. If your mobile device and PC usage time contrast, we found between the two show a negative trend, at the same time also more and more popular in mobile devices, PCs increasingly become a people’s second choice or Alternate options.

As a website developers, Must support to HTML5, but these are some problems on HTML5, How can we do this?

This problem has been solutioned, use the tool for SWF to HTML5 Converter, this tool is not just a conversion tool, the biggest benefit is to help me solve the difference of the browser player and mobile phone platforms, Free to try SWF to the HTML5 Converter.

I introduced this special tool for everyone.When convert the Flash to HTML5,it will auto play the HTML5.It is looks like a Flash Player, No, It is an HTML5 player, It is same as Flash. Also, this player suit for all platforms, Just like:IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. So I test the player on iPhone, iPad and Android, it is perfect, Cool!

You can add the Ad on the HTML5 Video, So surprise feature.I have tested this feature on my iPad, It is OK.

With this tool, you do not worry about Flash or HTML5, It can supprt to all major broswers and variety of mobile platforms. As a web developer I really need it. Thanks for Recool SWF to HTML5 Converter give so many surprise!</img>

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Recool Software Co., LTD was founded in 2011, Recool Software is an easy-to-use supplier in video and audio converting software field.The major software is convert all of the flash to video format. especially the flash to html5, swf to video, swf to html5 and these output formats can be used in many devices.Pleas visit the webiste:www.swf-video.com

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Recool Software Co., LTD was founded in 2011, Recool Software is an easy-to-use supplier in video and audio converting software field.The major software is convert all of the flash to video format. especially the flash to html5, swf to video, swf to html5 and these output formats can be used in many devices.Pleas visit the webiste:www.swf-video.com

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Hire Flash ActionScript Flex Developer

Article by Petter Parker

Flash, popular authoring software developed by Macromedia, is used to create vector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity in an antialiased, resizable file format that is small enough to stream across a normal modem connection. The software is ubiquitous on the Web, both because of its speed (vector-based animations, which can adapt to different display sizes and resolutions, play as they download) and for the smooth way it renders graphics.

ActionScript is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language that is designed specifically for Web site animation. ActionScript makes it possible for developers to create onscreen environments (such as games, tutorials, and e-commerce applications) that can respond to user input through the keyboard or mouse. ActionScript is an event-based language: just as is the case in real life, actions are triggered by events.

Flex is a software system specially designed to aid the development and delivery of expert systems. It is implemented in Prolog but looks much more like standard English than a programming language. This is a feature of its Knowledge.

Hiring Flash ActionScript Flex developer is the best option out there in the market these days if you wish to grow your business without really expanding and spending on infrastructure and hiring on roll employees.

They can build powerful and reliable Flash ActionScript Flex applications including websites and portals to boost your esteemed online business in todays competitive online business environment.

Benefits of Flash ActionScript Flex Development:

Why Flex Development Is Best Platform for RIA

In the world of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) Flex has become the most widely used development solution. Flex is favorite among most Internet geeks around the world. Flex developers are creating robust Internet applications using this technology. Most of the interactive websites that you come across in your daily browsing are a result of this technology. Although there are many frameworks such as Cappuccino, Silverlight, Lively Kernel,.Net Framework, Rich AJAX Platform and Curl which are used to develop Rich Internet Applications, Adobe Flex is the most popular.

There are three main components of Flex framework, which include Adobe Action Script used to run client side scripts that control the application’s behavior at client end. Secondly MXML is used to manage interface application’s objects and Class Library is service components where develops can use the library or develop custom components. Thirdly, Flex application development also uses Flex SDK as well as Adobe Flash Builder. Flex SDK is nothing but a set of guidelines and a coding framework for developing Flex applications.

What Makes Flex Development Popular

Flex development is a client side technology, which can be easily integrated with all major server side technologies including Java, ASP.NET, and PHP. Flex development also supports CSS3 and HTML5.
Adobe Flex supports 3D animation, which allows you to indulge into multimedia effects on your website. 3D animation is being seen as the modern approach to website development and is considered the future of web designing.
Internet application developed using Flex can be run on any of the browser with Flash player and on the desktop with Adobe AIR. It can also be used to fetch real time data with the help of server technologies such as Java, ASP.NET, or PHP.
Flex makes creation of online dashboards for webmasters easy with its rich library. It also provides interactive charts and graphs for data analysis. Developers can custom-build unique components such as content rollover and drill-down capabilities.
The core language of a Flex application is Adobe Action Script, which provides interactivity to the applications and controls integration of Flex applications.
You can easily outsource the development of Rich Internet Applications, as there are many offshore development centers around the world engaging in custom development. Here you can easily hire experienced programmers at affordable rates.
Adobe Flex comes with an automated bug-testing feature, which helps you in elimination, all the bugs in the early stages. This shortens the development time as well as saves precious money in development.

All these make Flex the most popular platform for Rich Internet Applications. The popularity is so much so that Flex developers have become the authority when it comes to development of RIAs ruling a huge chunk of the market and if you are looking for the best of them, pay a visit at http://www.evontech.com/flex-developers.html.

Vishal Arora is an iPhone and Flash expert working as a technical writer with Evon Technologies, an offshore development company dealing with mobile, software, and web application development.
For more info, visit http://www.evontech.com

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The Many Uses of Flash ActionScript

Article by Anirban

Actionscript is a Flash scripting language used primarily for web development, game design and software development. Based on the ECMAScript, Flash Actionscript was originally developed by Macromedia, but currently it is owned by Adobe. Initially, Actionscript was designed for controlling simple 2D vector animations, it had limited interactivity features. But its later versions had more depth as they were used for the creation of rich internet applications and web based games.

The release of Flash 4 saw a new level of scripting language. Instead of basic navigational command like gotoAndPlay

It’s All about Online Flash Casinos

Article by Diamond Web Design

Wow, Online Flash casinos have a lot to offer! Nothing to download, the entire casino is all done online. Now, some people like this better than having all kinds of different software on their computers while others prefer to not download and use up their space. The choice is yours. Review all the different choices in casinos and you can find the ones that best fit you and yours.

As you look over the website of Online Flash Casino, you will be as pleased with what you see like so many others. They have tons of different games including everyone’s all time favorite, Slots! If you are a table player, well they have several different ones to choose from as well. Hey is Poker your game…well, come on in and enjoy this as well.

In addition, let’s see what else they have to offer….here’s a favorite. Bingo! Many people remember going to the bingo hall with one of their favorite relatives but today live far away and cannot enjoy this event. However, you can go online with that same person and enjoy a great game of bingo. You can relive the time in person by playing bingo online. In addition, no one will walk away unhappy here.

If you’re into sports, check out your odds with their Online Directory. Bet on your favorite sports team and against your friends on game day. If football isn’t your game and you love horses, you can bet on the horse races as well. You can even all get together after placing your bets and watch the game or horse race at home to see if you are a big winner. The thrill never ends.

Congratulations, you won big! Online Flash has several different ways to withdraw your winnings so everyone is covered. There is never a worry when it comes to getting your winnings and it’s fast too.

No matter what you play, or how much you bet, or whether you win or lose, it’s always a great time when you are with friends having fun. Catching up on old times and pulling the slots at the same time. Now that’s what I call a great day! Next time you want to enjoy, the Bright lights take a gander over to Online Flash Casinos. You will be in for a treat!

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Diamond web design is offering resources for Online Flash Casino Enjoy playing online flash casino games in a brilliant no download casino. Also visit useful resources for Online casino Gambling

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whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Flex Software Development

We are all familiar with the power of Flex development. Flex developers can create interactive applications in a matter of minutes using Flex, one of the keys to create best RIAs or Rich Internet Applications. This is what makes it so powerful and a huge improvement over Flash. One of the core development fields where Flex is used is developing gaming applications providing thrilling experiences to the gamers. Even the hardcore gamers swear by the gaming applications developed on the Flex platform.

Flash games have been doing the rounds of the Internet for many years now. In the recent years, Flex has overtaken Flash as the preferred platform of online game development. Some of the popular Flex games include Astro Chaser, Filler, Participate Playground, and Carnival Showdown among others. Apart from this, Flex is also used for custom game development. No wonder developers are keeping themselves busy these days.

Flex development by concept is split into two parts, the GUI and the ActionScript code. The GUI is created in an MXML file. This is nothing but an XML file that contains user interface elements nested in tags very similar to HTML. At times the MXML file can contain ActionScript code inside an mx:Script tag, but the main focus of the MXML file is to define the user interface.The top level tag of an MXML file is the mx:Application tag.

For Flex, you will require Flex SDK (software development kit), Text Editor IDE (integrated development environment) and the Flash debug player. Developers use these tools in a very methodical way. Flex SDK will help you combine Flash source code into SWF file format. With the help of text editor, you will be able to edit the code when required. Flash debug player will let you test your work as you progress.

Reasons for Popularity of Flex Development:

Flex is cross platform compatible. The games developed can flawlessly be played on different platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc. There are very few competitors to these features of Flex games.
Flex games are very easy to disperse and distribute. It is as easy as uploading a.swf/Flash file on the Internet. These small interactive games act can spread virally over the Internet and serve as a great marketing tool for businesses.
Games, which are built using Flex, need no extra plug in installation except Flash Player that in most cases is automatically integrated into the web browsers or can be easily done into the browsers.
The tools, which are required for development, are available for free download and you don’t have to incur additional expense if you want to use it or join the club of developers.
There are a number of offshore development centers, which use Flex in custom development of gaming applications. You can easily outsource Flex projects to such centers and get competitive pricing.

There are reasons why Flex is so popular with the RIA developers and some of them are noted at http://www.evontech.com/flex-developers.html.

Seemantini Bose writes for Evon Technologies, a software development company working in software application development, iPhone apps, mobile technology, social networking website, e-commerce portals, 3D gaming. For more info visit http://www.evontech.com/

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A General Overview Of Games Flash

Article by Shaun

All over the world one can find people who delight in playing a game, either to unwind, relax, spend some fun time with friends or even to compete in online tournaments. Naturally, most popular video games come at a price, and others even require a monthly subscription fee. It is here that games flash have made a big impact on the gaming industry.

With the emergence and ever-increasing popularity of the internet, these games have developed as an attractive alternative to the expensive alternatives. It is safe to say that nowadays the vast majority of the world population has internet access, so in turn all such people also have access to a wide variety of flash games available on the web.

These applications may also be referred to as browser games, since they are accessed on an internet browser. As is the case with any normal game, one may find both single-player as well as multi-player types. Moreover, such applications are for the most part portable, implying that they can be accessed from different browsers as well as devices.

The major boost in the popularity of such applications is the fact that they are available absolutely free of charge. It is inevitable that the powerhouse game titles which have established themselves through the years will generally cost more than fifty dollars to buy. On the other hand, everyone enjoys free items and services, and this is no exception.

Since their emergence, these applications have continued to be further developed and perfected. In turn, more and more applications were released over time, and nowadays it is safe to say that there are thousands of these applications available online. Such an extraordinary variety inevitably caters for a much wider player-base, since everyone can find a game to suit his preferences and playing style.

Another great benefit of such applications is their incredible ease of access. As has been pointed out, all one needs is a computer with an internet connection. While this is a great asset, it is also the subject of much concern for teachers and bosses, since students and workers are usually tempted to play a game when they should be working.

Hard disk space is also something to consider. Traditional games which come on discs or are downloaded online naturally require a certain amount of disk space for their installation. This is overcome by flash applications, which do not need any such resources, and which do not consume any space from your hard disk.

An issue which is generally relevant to the younger kids is the possibility of breaking a game disc. Parents will no doubt not be amused if their brand new gift is shattered involuntarily by their young ones. Once again, these applications pose no such problem – kids can just get on the PC and play.

There is absolutely no doubt that these applications will continue to play a major part in the gaming world of the future. Through time, such applications are getting better and better, both in game-play features as well as in graphical quality. All the above benefits and more can be enjoyed immediately the next time you log in on the net and browse for the myriad of sites offering hundreds of flash games for your enjoyment.

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I run a flash arcade website come check out my free online games flash.

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I run a flash arcade website come check out my free online games flash.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Digital Camera Flash Units

Digital cameras flash units come in many shapes and sizes. Low end digital cameras include low energy built in flash units. High end digital SLR cameras can support sophisticated external flash units which can provide superior lighting in difficult scenarios. Here are some basic facts about flash units both built in and external.

Flash units came a long way since their early days. Back then flash units were using powder that was lit by electrical current and literally “blew up” to produce the light energy. Using these flash units was a risky business. It was also difficult as the flash units were not automatically synchronized to the camera’s shutter. The photographer had to make sure that the flash goes off at the exact right time synchronized with the shooting of the photo.

Nowadays flash units are sophisticated technology devices. They use an electronic flash tube that is automatically synchronized to the camera. The photographer merely needs to do nothing. New digital cameras can decide on their own if the flash is needed, they can set its intensity and other parameters and they can fire the flash at the exact right time when the shutter is opened. All this is done automatically in the background. Digital camera also provide the user with the ability to manually control the flash, force it to either fire or not to fire, set its intensity and more.

Flash units are divided into two categories: Internal built-in flash units or external flash units. Internal flash units are built into the camera. Almost all digital cameras include such a unit and allow the user some control over it through the camera’s menus and buttons. External flash units are attached to the camera’s body through a dedicated slide-in slot or by using an electrical cable. Not all digital cameras support external flash units. Usually the lower end pocket cameras do not allow external flash units while all high end digital SLR cameras do allow such external flash units. External flash units can vary a lot. They can have different light energy levels that they can emit and different mechanical characteristics. Some external flash units also include smart sensors to measure ambient light, distance and other optical parameters in order to optimize the flash effect.

Digital cameras can use their flash units in automatic or in manual mode. In automatic mode the camera measures ambient light and fires the flash when not enough ambient light is available. Sometimes the camera will make the wrong decision as to using the flash and will either fire or not fire the flash when the opposite was needed. Setting the flash intensity is important too. If the flash unit fires too much light energy on objects that are too close to the camera the digital photo will be washed out. On the other hand if the flash unit fires a small amount of light energy on an object that is farther away from the digital camera the digital photo will be a too dark.

Flash units have limitations too. They can not light any scene and any object at any distance from the camera. It is important to know your flash unit limitations. For example check what the maximum light energy that it can emit is and what the farthest that an object can be effectively lit from. This is also known as the effective flash range. If the object is out of the effective flash range it is actually better to turn off the flash altogether and use a tripod with a longer exposure. Sometimes it is useful to use the flash even if there is enough ambient light. In such cases you can manually force the camera to fire the flash. This is also known as fill-in flash as it is usually used to fill-in shadowed areas on objects in the digital photo.

Ziv Haparnas is a technology veteran and writes about practical technology and science issues. This article can be reprinted and used as long as the resource box including the backlink is included. You can find more information about photo album printing and photography in general on http://www.printrates.com – a site dedicated to photo printing.

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About using Flash ActionScript to develop Flash games

Article by Manish Shrivastava

With the inclusion of ActionScript, Flash Development work and especially, Flash game development has leased with a new dimension. What requires in this field is a logical and creative mind with lots patience and inclinations towards minute details. The ease of deployment, zero installation requirements and cross-platform compatibility immensely helped in popularizing Flash games.

Flash ActionScript is a proprietary scripting language (similar to JavaScript) developed by Adobe. The latest version of ActionScript 3.0 is now shipped with Flash CS3 where the Object-Oriented programming concept is extensively used.

Flash game development (though sounds exciting!) is comparatively complicated and intensive of all ActionScript developments. Before starting the actual game development the Flash designer should create the story-line covering the scenes, characters, scoring, play mechanism and the required graphics (the character motions and other objects).

With the Flash Player and Flex SDK (supplied by Adobe), one can easily start game design in Flash. The Flex SDK is a free tool which can be downloaded from Adobes website. Flex is a combination of the GUI and the ActionScript code. The GUI is contained in an MXML file (a XML file with user interface elements nested in HTML-like tags) which can also contain the ActionScript in a mx:Script tag.

The mx:Application tag is the top level tag of an MXML file. This Application object is the entry point for the Flex application where width, height, framerate, function to notify the creation of Application, function to notify the screen redrawing action are set.

Once the Application is initiated the mx:Script tag is used to write the ActionScript code for the actual game processing. Here, the GUI part is connected with each phase of the game. The game loop, user

Flash and HTML5: Get the Facts and Stop the War

Maybe I’m Late to the Game…

But let me spill my two cents anyways:

HTML5 is a set of rules/standards for writing HTML. Basically, imagine it this way: there was once Old English but now many of those words are not used and now we have a lot of new words that perform functions of some of the old words. HTML5 is a new set of words that replace old ones to be more efficient. HTML5 also gets rid of some old words that are no longer needed.

Another function of HTML5 is to say, “we no longer want to read slang, instead we want you to write properly so that more people can understand you.” Makes sense right? Slang is hard to understand for people learning a new language.

Last and probably most important is to know that HTML5′s last function is to create shortcuts for complex tasks. The most commonly known shortcut is the HTML5 video tag. In short, this tells your browser, “replace me with some cool JavaScript functions that play a video.”

That is HTML5

It’s Like Comparing a Pogo Stick to a Dictionary

“Um, that doesn’t sound like Flash” Exactly! HTML5 is not a replacement for Flash. Let me reiterate so that it becomes obvious: Flash makes images move; it displays videos and sounds and lets users interact with videos. HTML5 is a set of rules/standards to write a language. Not even remotely related.

So if HTML5 is not a replacement for Flash, what’s all this talk about then? Notice the final part of HTML5: it “creates shortcuts for complex tasks” by using “some cool JavaScript functions.” JAVASCRIPT, that’s what it is all about. That’s the key.

HTML5 has shortcuts for JavaScript which has made JavaScript a competitor for the gaps in the Web that Flash filled. Flash is a tool to create animated images (movies) that can be interacted with. However, because there was no way to show a video in a browser, Flash raised its hand and said, “give me the video, I’m pretty good with moving images.”

Flash will not go away anytime soon. Sure, you can create an interactive animated set of images with JavaScript but it’s going to take a lot of math. So until there is a visual program to write all that math (like an Adobe Flash Catalyst for JavaScript), Flash will not have a direct competitor.

The Sad Part…

The sad part is that Adobe is getting the short end of the stick.

Apple and others have been so adamant that Flash should die that they already wrote the obituary. “HTML5 kills Flash.” What’s worse is that they blame it on a great company being “Closed Source.”

Let me ask this: Have you ever tried to theme iTunes? Why did it take so long for Apple to let you put a background image on your iPod touch? Did you know that you have to pay $ 100 a year to be able to create an iPhone app THAT IS NOT BUILT ON JAVASCRIPT BUT ON A CLOSED SOURCE LANGUAGE CREATE BY APPLE? (Google “Cocoa”).

The fact is that Apple is no more “Open Source” than Adobe.

I’m not a Hater

Let me add some fine print:

I don’t hate Apple. In fact, I have an iPad2 and a Mac Book Pro and an iPod Touch and I want an iPhone 4s. Apple is very progressive and has revolutionized the computer industry. Apple has created quality standards that every other software or computer company must live by in order to sell a product. They do what they do very well.

They can also sell anyone on anything which is good. They just sometimes don’t do that very ethically. Talking poorly about a company that has, since the beginning, developed specifically for Apple products (and in fact is probably one of the biggest factors in Apple’s popularity) is not a nice way to say thank you.

So here is what I want to say: Adobe is a great company, Flash is very good at what it does and there is no need to bash either.

David Hamilton is a freelance web design and development professional. He specializes in custom WordPress design and Search Engine Optimization. For more information about David’s freelance work, visit http://davidpaulhamilton.net. To see details about the services David offers, go to http://davidpaulhamilton.net/services.

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