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About using Flash ActionScript to develop Flash games

Article by Manish Shrivastava With the inclusion of ActionScript, Flash Development work and especially, Flash game development has leased with a new dimension. What requires in this field is a logical and creative mind with lots patience and inclinations towards minute details. The ease of deployment, zero installation requirements and cross-platform compatibility immensely helped in […]

Flash and HTML5: Get the Facts and Stop the War

Maybe I’m Late to the Game… But let me spill my two cents anyways: HTML5 is a set of rules/standards for writing HTML. Basically, imagine it this way: there was once Old English but now many of those words are not used and now we have a lot of new words that perform functions of […]

Photography: Comparing Built-In Flash to External Flash

External flashes, or accessory flashes, have several benefits over built-in, pop-up flashes seen on most cameras today. Here is a summary: Flash Heads When it comes to physically setting up an external flash, most come with swivel and bounce heads, to allow more realistic and softer lighting effects by bouncing light from a white card […]

Get Skilled and Expert Flash ActionScript Developer at Affordable cost

Article by Daniel Flash Developer India is an India based web design, development and search engine optimization company, and our Flash ActionScript developer has made a name for themselves by giving quality services. Our developer specializes in developing Action Script applications. Our teams of Flash developer, not only create original and breathtaking flash web sites, […]

How a Flash Design can benefit your Website

Article by Michal Flash designs for websites have become extremely popular today and are preferred over other traditional website designing methods. But why is Flash so popular today? Flash is a great website designing program that can build highly interactive and animated websites that are attractive and efficient in no time at all. For such […]

Applying actionscripts to buttons in Flash

Article by Mike Yi This article teaches you how to write simple actionscripts, and how to apply them to buttons. Firstly, create a button. Draw a circle, select it, then in the top selection panel, select Modify>Convert to Symbol. Then check ‘Button’ in the dialog box, and select ‘Ok’. That was simple. Then, select the […]

Flash Website Design – Feature Rich Integrated Development Environment

Adobe’s Flash Player is a software program designed for viewing images, movies or animations, etc. Flash application is now distributed and developed by Adobe but was created by Macromedia. Flash player’s files have.swf as their extension. Flash was at first developed for only animation purposes, but with advancements it is offered some amount of interactivity […]

Hire Flash Animator to Add Scintillating Flash Effects to Your Website Banner

The banners are the medium of getting attraction and advertisement. Banners come in use to convey any message with proper highlight to get notice of the visitors. But it is same way true that some dynamic attitude always have an edge over the static look. Moreover we think twice to hire flash animator or the […]

Tattoo Flash

                                                Tattooing is no longer a back street shop thing. The world has become very open to it. Most of the tattoo artists nowadays are professionally trained from elite universities. There are […]

Some Flash Video Converter Tools Compare

More and more videos were laid on the web, but not all people can view the video on the webpages because they don’t have the proper video player. In order to make people view the whole videos on the webpages, most video styles were converted to flash styles, such as swf and flv. Flash video […]

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